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This is the master list of all the Exchange 2007 objects, and the operating system won't let you mess with it.Fortunately, there is a well respected work-around, create a new Global Address List, and then 'update' the mailbox. Here is a free tool to monitor your Exchange Server. Either leave the configuration alone, and just let Outlook users see the Default Global Address List; or else, take the time to study, plan, and test before you implement custom Address Lists.Default Address Lists (See Screenshot right) Once you realize that there are a handful of built-in Address Lists, you soon realize that you could create your own Custom Address Lists.Download and install the utility, then inspect your mail queues, monitor the Exchange server's memory, confirm there is enough disk space and check the CPU utilization. Solar Winds provides this fully-functioning freebie, as part of their commitment to supporting the network management community.Free Download of Solar Winds Exchange Monitor As an alternative to clicking in the Exchange Management CONSOLE, you could type commands in the Exchange Management SHELL.He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server.

Accepted domains can be authoritative (ie, the organization owns the domain name and uses it for mail recipients) or can be a relay domain (ie, the organization will accept the emails but send them elsewhere).Right-click the Default Email Address Policy and select Edit.Click Next to skip past the introduction and conditions, until you reach the Email Addresses part of the policy. The Email address local part is an optional setting.You can see that after these tasks have been completed the organization has had the primary email domain changed to a new one while preserving the existing one at the same time.Paul is a Microsoft MVP for Office Servers and Services.

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