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With all of these personality features in mind, some more mild-mannered dog owners may not be a good fit for the Catahoula Leopard.

The owner needs to be someone that is ready to demonstrate leadership for the dog, as this breed wants to be lead and trained by an authority.

If this dog breed does need to live in a smaller area, they will require a lot of attention and ability to get out to burn off their excess energy.

Try schedule time away every day to make sure this dog is happy and content-or you may find that your home or yard has been damaged from the lack of attention.

What may not work for every family is the Catahoula Leopard's tendency to be very overprotective of their family and of their territory. The Catahoula can also become fierce when they are around other dogs, especially when the dogs are the same sex as they are.

If you do not have time to interact with this type of dog breed, it may not be a good fit for your home.Often growing to 20 to 26 inches long and 45 to 95 pounds, this moderate breed stays in shape by being put to work in the fields or in various law enforcement situations.The Louisiana Catahoula can be a number of different colors, so it can be difficult to identify them just from their coats.These original dogs were also known as war dogs and are thought to have interbred with the local red wolves.In the next century, the French began to arrive in Louisiana as well, bringing the Beauceron dog breed, which then mixed with the interbred dogs that were now in the area, producing the breed as it is seen today.

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