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You will have never experienced a gym session, or indeed a Valentine’s Day, quite like it.Then once you've worked up a sweat and the endorphins are flowing, everyone is invited out for a group meal to a top local restaurant.2017 Employee Engagement Report, only 24% of workers feel connected to their peers — which means that more than three out of every four employees at the average organization feel at least a bit isolated.For example, some companies might expect their workers to keep their heads down, work hard, and tackle their responsibilities without really investing in any extracurricular team-building activities.The speed dating session is beautifully simple - 10 men, 10 women, and 10 exercise stations.Each man and women will have just two minutes on each interactive station to workout together before they move on to a new partner.

You might find out that a bizarre number of employees have all been to Keokuk, Iowa even though your office is based on the West Coast.

Here’s any easy way to do that: once gathered, have everyone come up with two things that are true about themselves and another thing that's false.

Then have each person present what they came up with.

The easiest way to help your workers get to know each other better is to encourage interaction in a way most people are comfortable with.

Because all participants are in it together, icebreakers are one of the quickest paths to a connected team.

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