The princeples of dating

Spot this type of lead early on by looking for the one who's happy to take any resource or introduction you're willing to give but leaves you wondering whether anything has changed since the last time you spoke.If no next steps are in place, you're probably being resource-zoned. If he's not, ask for an introduction to the right person.This lead could just see you as a really good resource.

Despite what my well-meaning grandma would tell you — "Do you think I'll die before you get married or nah?

If this guy is the right person but things aren't working out, shut it down.

Don't waste your time or energy on a lead that isn't wiling to invest time or energy in you, too.

Maybe it's her marketing director, a developer, or her communications director — whoever it is, you need this person's buy-in as much as you'd need approval from your date's best friend.

Your job is to convince this person that you're not here to replace him or her — you both just want what's best for this lead.

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