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When using custom template classes, define a method in the class that will return the data.

For instance in this demo we are assuming a hypothetical business requirement demanding “”.I do not want to fully re-code a complex page with a grid, a six-pageview multipage, and dataforms.Are you saying that there is NO WAY to *manually* tell the dataform to go back to View mode after updating?You can reach the previous three articles in this series through the following links: ” as shown below: Now let’s try to delete this item as highlighted below- As soon as the user tries to delete the item Share Point looks for any registered Event Receiver with the List and looks for its Receiver Definition to see what events this Receiver is allowed to receive and executes it.In our case we have registered the following Receiver Definition with the list- Let’s investigate the code for registering Remote Event Handler – Since this is a Before Event (as explained in one of the earlier post “ In order to showcase this scenario we can consider the same item as above and this time let’s Edit the item as highlighted below: Now the next thing is to investigate the code for registered Remote Event Handler.

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