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To get the chlorine out of their hair.- What kind of diving is considered the fastest? 78F- What country has won the most over medals the last five Olympics in swimming?

Crawl- What is the name of the pool wich was created specifically to Olympic Games 2008? USA- Who hold the olympic record for the 100m freestyle?

This type of behavior is known as: Parasitism- Lobsters, crabs, and shrimp all belong to what group of animals?

Arthropoda- Which of the following lives in a cocoon for part of its life cycle?

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A lamprey- Where are you more likely to find the largest number of living organisms (including microbes) in one gallon of water? To confuse predators- An animal that eats only meat is called: A carnivore---- Why do swimmers and divers take showers after they get out of the water?

1929- What was the name of the first transatlantic passenger steamship?

Great Western- What was the original name of New York?

Bromine- Which organic compound contains three elements?

Ethanol- When acid and alkaline mixes, salt and water forms.

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