Fantasia dating piolo pascual and angel locsin dating

After the dizzying heights of -- only to be followed by depression and financial woes.

Today, she insists, those dark days are behind her, as the new album announces a self-confident, fully realized Fantasia, emboldened by a wave of fresh starts: In addition to her marriage, she signed with new ­management, Primary Wave (Cee Lo Green, Melissa Etheridge); connected with a new producer, Ron Fair (Christina Aguilera, Keyshia Cole); and set course on a different, free-flowing musical ­direction, incorporating jazz, country, funk and pop in songs she deems "rock soul." , she recalls, "I was this Southern girl, green and gullible and eager to please." And while her career initially flourished, bad decisions -- both ­professional and personal -- took their toll.

Among some of the wife’s allegations: Cook and Barrino carried on an affair before she split with her husband, even making a sex tape, the two frequented “bars, restaurants, nightclubs and the like” together, and that they had matching tattoos.

An East Carolina University business alum who played football at the school and was a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, Cook obtained his real estate license in 2006 so he could “share the knowledge from my own ‘good’ and ‘interesting’ experiences in the homebuying and selling process,” he says on a Web site for Keller Williams Realty, the firm he joined in August.

A complaint filed by Cook’s wife, however, tells a different story.

Daily affirmations posted on her mirror -- "You are strong," "You are wise" -- and a copy of self-help bible keep her grounded today."I was getting all of my old relationships out of my system," recalls the Charlotte, N.C., native, who, as a 19-year-old single mother, belted her way to victory on 's third season in 2004.That's when I knew." A year later, she says she's never felt stronger.Maybe it's finally having her personal life on terra firma that has Fantasia focusing on the wider world.

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