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Absolut Vodka makers have nothing to hide with their production process.

The equivalence between the plug-in and the command line version are straightforward: strength :: -dt contour preservation :: -p anisotropy :: -a noise scale :: -alpha geometry regularity :: – sigma spacial step :: -dl angular step :: -da approximation :: -fast iterations :: -iter interpolation algorithm :: -interp the -sdt 0 bit was to ask GREYCstoration not to do any sharpening on my image.

The processing to approximately for ever and a day to complete.

Entire © 1995/2018 Foundation G Media, Amsterdam NL. Official licensee of the Foundation Gay Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL.

A couple of comments in my previous entry about noise mentioned GREYCstoration, an opensource software that aims to bring the same quality of denoising than Noise Ninja.

The galleries are hand picked for quality and the girls are always adding more stuff so you should come back often.

So let’s take a look at this program and see what we can get out of our example image.

​By now you know what Alexa-enabled devices help you do: order food, play music, control other smart devices, etc.

It’s pretty much everything you can do with your smartphone, except with Alexa you can do it handsfree (for ).

GREYCstoration opens a windows with your image in it and when the processing is done, click on the window and press “S” for save.

Check that the result image (in this case) is saved and then “Q” will quit.

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