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You can do that by using the -cbase 1 (0=RGB, 1=YCr Cb) -crange 1,2 (0 is luma noise which we want to preserve).By the way, this options is currently only working in the command line version.The galleries are hand picked for quality and the girls are always adding more stuff so you should come back often.Some of the most popular girls include Melissa Midwest, Ann Angel, Ariel Rebel, Kate's Playground, Dream Kelly (so hot!!It is available either as a Gimp plugin or as a command line utility.So let’s take a look at this program and see what we can get out of our example image.The result is the same image than in The Gimp but in 16bits precision. Call me crazy (if not already done) but I much rather like some luminance noise left than a water-colored image.

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The output quality is good, although the undifferentiated action on chroma and luminance noise gives this water-colored washed out output, which I don’t like very much: Command line for 16bits From there, I decided to take my parameters into the command line version, which supports 16bits treatment.​By now you know what Alexa-enabled devices help you do: order food, play music, control other smart devices, etc.It’s pretty much everything you can do with your smartphone, except with Alexa you can do it handsfree (for ).GREYCstoration opens a windows with your image in it and when the processing is done, click on the window and press “S” for save.Check that the result image (in this case) is saved and then “Q” will quit.

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