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"I particularly enjoy going undercover, and one thing I can say is I am going to be meeting my lady, Christy. "So this one day, I was going on and on and on about a celebrity that I can't stand, and I was going on and on and on. : Kelley noted that Season 1 was filled with quintessential white collar crimes, but the second season seemed to deviate into darker territory, infusing murders and kidnappings into the storylines, so what gives? It was too late to do anything at that point and I looked like a chicken. It's the "closest thing I've found to a dial test," he said. "We're always having conversations about where our characters could go and what could happen next," Thomason said. Or they'll say something like, "The scene's too bland, please add a fruit bowl," Eastin said. Pranks, pranks, pranks: And here's the best story and it belongs to Thomason.But when the time came, Kate dumped Michael and moved in with Neal.(2.11) On her first date with Neal, they conned their way into a rich man's hotel room. "Cause in the afternoon, we that's when Marsha came in as Diana ..," De Kay said.

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And as it turns out, that someone is going to have to be Peter...cast, already gearing up for production on Season 3, and creator Jeff Eastin (also celebrating his birthday) to provide entertaining anecdotes and show firsthand why they're one of the funnest group around. : When Kelley hinted that there may be something more between Neal and Peter's designer wife Elizabeth, Tiffani Thiessen laughed it off. and she really likes Neal for the effect he's had on her husband," she said. De Kay, the great colleague that he is, gave him a few pointers. and he says, ' You know, that's good, it's OK, but you gotta stick your chest out.' " The crowd laughs. It's six degrees of everyone, do you know what I mean? ] A love triangle of sorts surfaces in the Season 2 finale, with one scene -- with water playing a role -- between Neal and a certain female complicating matters. (Look out for exclusive video interviews with the cast and executive producers of at Paley Fest With Season 2 wrapping up tonight with a heartstopping finale (the lucky ticketholders were treated to the episode one day in advance), here are 16 things -- one for each episode -- we learned about the lively cast, crew and the modern-day caper: 1. "Kate's dead," Eastin confirmed (again), adding that fan and author Anne Rice suggested "we bring her back from the dead." Sorry Kate-Neal shippers! Neal wants to be a good boy: Eastin shared an interesting fact about Neal and his dilemma, saying that "he may want to be good, but he was born bad." With the way things turn out in the end of the finale and where things are with Sara (new series regular Hilarie Burton), something's got to give. "One of the things I thought was a good opportunity in that episode was to imitate [Tim's] physicality and I knew he'd go back at me and be even worse. I was running a board meeting and Tim always puts his hand on his hip and opens his jacket so I started to do that," Bomer said. I go, ' It must have gotten back to this person,' and [I was] grilling everyone. and then I found out it was Sharif [Atkins] and he got me so good! Keller gives Neal an antique wine bottle, challenging him to make his own Franklin forgery.Keller wants to settle who is the best, once and for all.

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