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If you're prone to thinking, "It's just Facebook -- can it really cause that many problems in an adult relationship?

" consider this: A 2009 study suggested Facebook makes "unique contributions to the experience of jealousy in romantic relationships." Divorce attorneys say Facebook flirtations are frequently cited in their cases.

But where's the fun in that, when you could enter into an epic text exchange like this guy?

Frank Flemming Jensen is from Denmark and decided to have a bit of fun when he received an unsolicited message from a woman on Facebook.

And these problems aren't limited to relationships with pre-existing problems.

On the other hand, if one of you never references the relationship on your page, the other may begin to wonder why.

"Have a face-to-face conversation about Facebook," says Jason. " Jason and Kelli likened the tagging issue to going home to your parent's house and them still having pictures on the wall of you and your old boyfriend. "It's almost like time has stood still and your life hasn't gone on." When deciding what to untag (or not), the best approach is for both partners to agree to untag themselves from photos that make the other uncomfortable.

And this poor guy had an asthma attack supposedly prompted by seeing how many men his ex-girlfriend had friended since their breakup.

There's even a Facebook page called "I wonder how many relationships Facebook ruins every year" with over 100,000 "Likes." "It's a very common topic," said Jennine Estes, a couples' therapist from San Diego who reported that she sometimes hears about Facebook issues on a daily basis in her office.

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