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Luke Kennard Left Longtime GF For Savannah Chrisley But the proof is in the pictures !As fans know, the teen queen has been posting non-stop photos of her and Kennard, 21, all over her social media pages (which include Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) since the two first became an official couple at the end of June.

I've gone on dates with attractive, interesting guys that I just didn't click with. If I was all dumpee by the numbers, but only half dumpee by personality type, what did that mean?Sure, they publicly announced their relationship once Kylie was 18… Savannah Chrisley apparently doesn’t know best when it comes to relationships.Your dating life is your business and your business alone and if you feel ready to download Tinder, then do it. Point is: swipe when you're ready and fuck what anyone else thinks about it. @jenniferficarra by Katie Way One of the most scandalous (and borderline illegal) things about Tyga and Kylie's relationship was their age gap — the difference between how old Tyga is and how old Kylie is.

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