Andrea tantaros dating bob beckel

Even when she's not in debate mode, Tantaros speaks in a succession of clear but rapid bursts, telegraphing a sense of having a lot to accomplish in so little time.

It's obvious now where she inherited that trait as well as how, like Athena, her conservatism sprang fully formed at birth rather than developing gradually over time.

Tan stilettos boasting a subtle cheetah pattern (or is it giraffe?

) round out the day's look, and make her seem taller than I remember from a chance meeting several months ago at a publishing party.

Armed with a blue-collar work ethic, political savvy and mental toughness, Andrea Tantaros and her combustible brand of commentary are becoming hot commodities for Fox News Channel.

In her mid-twenties she was already deputy press secretary to Pennsylvania congressman, now senator, Pat Toomey.The plan behind the sacrifice was to save enough money to open his own diner.After meeting and quickly falling in love with an attractive Italian-American Syracuse University coed named Barbara, the two wed and he whisked her across the state border to Allentown to open a welcoming and affordable eatery called the Pied Piper Diner, and also to begin a family.What the newlyweds and neophyte business owners lacked in terms of a credit history that could have secured them a much-needed business loan, they made up for in sheer determination and sweat equity."My mom was the waitress and my dad was the cook," says Tantaros.

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