Andrea tantaros dating bob beckel

"When they came home that first night, they had 5," says Tantaros."My dad threw the money on the bed and said, 'Barbara, we're rich.' " 'I don't know if I can do this every day,' she replied through tears, because she was exhausted and missed her family in New Jersey. At the time of his passing in 2009 at age 65, his accomplishments were astonishing: a close-knit and loving family, 12 restaurants, strip malls, real estate development and community banks.Topics were deliberately changed seconds before going on air and there were plenty of times when she says no one would tell her who she'd be appearing with or debating.Dan Abrams, who Tantaros says she still likes, did just that once when the topic of his show on "Live With Dan Abrams" was about a New York Times story on Republican Senator John Mc Cain's alleged affair.This is a departure from the bold colors, particularly rich blues, we're used to seeing her wear.But it contrasts fantastically with her deeper complexion and inky black hair.Tan stilettos boasting a subtle cheetah pattern (or is it giraffe?

"After a while it gets hard to be the voice for somebody else," says Tantaros.Armed with a blue-collar work ethic, political savvy and mental toughness, Andrea Tantaros and her combustible brand of commentary are becoming hot commodities for Fox News Channel.She's certainly helped ensemble shows "Outnumbered," and "The Five," become runaway hits. HNGN goes behind the scenes at the network to profile the intriguing firebrand."What I liked about my job was protecting my boss and sort of circling the wagons and being very loyal.But after a while you think, 'You know, I want to express my own position.' " Arriving at that mindset, it's safe to say, was something of an inevitability for someone so opinionated and outspoken.

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