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The sheikh took to social media as Senator Hanson tweeted: 'Stop Islamic migration before it is too late.'Asked about her call, Sheikh Tawhidi said the idea had merit although he stopped short of advocating a ban on all Muslims.'I support a temporary ban on Muslims coming from the Middle East,' he said.

She said the pair grabbed the teenager who was in the shower and the other woman.

Vincent Tappu, 28, was charged with the kidnap of both.

His calls comes after police in London shot dead three jihadist terrorists who had killed six people and injured at last another 48 during a van and knife rampage in central London.

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She had heard the deceased who was in the shower screaming.' The surviving victim said a sock was forced into her mouth and the kidnappers used a Taser to subdue both her and Ms Dookhran before they were rolled in dustsheets and bundled into a vehicle, said Ms Roscoe.

Having extremists within our societies is not multiculturalism, it's suicide,' he tweeted to his 34,200 followers on Sunday.

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