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Tantan, the Chinese app most comparable to Tinder, hopes to solve China’s growing problem of too many singles.“There is a serious lack of opportunities for China’s young singles to make new friends.They are too busy, so almost don’t have ways to meet people offline.” Tantan believes it has found a way to tackle the Chinese dating obstacle through the Tinder model: the location-based anonymous social app, Wang suggests, offers a more convenient, less embarrassing way for young Chinese to start a conversation.The three-year-old app has about 6-7 million daily active users and has matched over 3-4 billion pairs of users, Wang says.Right now, if users accidentally swipe left someone that they like, there is no way of revoking the act.

The 18-year-old Tencent-owned app is still one of the country’s biggest networking apps with 861 million monthly active users as of August, though it has pivoted to capture a younger population.“The money incentive to hosts is too attractive, so it will encourage the professional development of [live streaming] hosts. [Live streaming] might be more entertaining, but it’s not particularly social…So in the short run at least, we don’t plan to enter live streaming.” Tantan’s latest round of financing came in June when it raised 0 million from NASDAQ-listed YY Inc., the live streaming pioneer in China, and Genesis Capital, founded by two ex-Tencent Investment veterans.And this problem is much bigger than that in the west,” says Tantan’s founder and CEO Wang Yu at Tech Crunch Shanghai.“In Sweden for example, there are parties almost every day starting at junior high school. They have more spare time, so they can meet people on various occasions. College students basically have no parties and rarely go clubbing.

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