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To help you make the most of this undervalued featured, here are some key points to remember about creating a good screen name: 1) Look at what others cleverly use and put your own twist to it. 6) Avoid shrinking your audience by listing common non-male interests like cats, sunsets, shopping, candlelights, theater, etc. I'll take a healthy bicycle ride over limousine or a morning coffee at Starbuck's over brunch at the Ritz-Carlton (usually! I tell people that I like to listen to jazz music, but my heart still longs for good rock 'n roll.

2) Highlight your most alluring feature like "Baby Blue Eyes" or "Beach Blonde" 3) Avoid bland names like "susie2001" or "Nice Girl" or "HBCat Lover" 4) Avoid being too direct like "Marry Me" or "Wife Material" In the field of communications, a fundamental principle is "the meaning of your communication is the response you get." A savvy Internet dater can interpret this to mean that it doesn't matter how sophisticated your ad reads, what matters is if quality men respond. The Bible says, "Ask and ye shall receive." In the world of Internet dating, make sure that you ask intelligently or else you may get more of what you don't want instead of what you do want. Men have said that I'm "a little bit feisty", "fun to be with", and "sweet but not sour", and "a real hottie" (They said it, I didn't! But most importantly to me, my close friends tell me I'm someone they can always count on to do the right thing.

But maybe you feel like you can’t achieve these goals because: You’re […] When women complain about their dating and love life – or lack of one!) 2) an intriguing screen name 3) a male-friendly bio 4) a clear statement of what you want 5) a clever closing invitation.An ancient Chinese proverb reads, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Nothing is more important in creating a great personal ad than making sure you have a few great photos of yourself.Why not follow that same thought process for your personal ad to represent you for your profile and online dating image?See what our satisfied customers say about us here.

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