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And, not to be morbid, but everybody is going to die, so it doesn't really matter how much you want to nail your name into the rock of mankind; ultimately it's going to fade, because we're all headed the same way."For someone who seems genuinely uncomfortable in the spotlight, Adams has been involved in some high-profile romances, notably with movie star Winona Ryder and his new love, indie film star Parker Posey, about whom he constantly rhapsodises."I've had relationships with very creative, dramatic, joyous people," he says."Believe it or not, when you are working in this kind of environment, you don't really meet a lot of librarians."Adams is fascinated by the difference between who actors are and how we perceive them, finding in it a reflection of the difficulties created by his own public persona."I truly do not walk through life with a guitar across my back and loose-leaf binders crammed in my jacket pockets with song lyrics on them.The loves, exes and relationships of Mandy Moore, listed by most recent.

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Indeed, there is something of a consensus in the singer-songwriter milieu that 29-year-old Adams is the reigning genius, the legitimate heir to Dylan and Springsteen. When Lost Highway declined to release Love Is Hell, Adams cut off communication, retreated to a studio in New York and paid for the recording of a new album on his credit card, playing most of the instruments himself.

In fact, so glowing have been the reviews that Lost Highway have finally agreed to give it an official, full-scale release in its intended form as a single album later this year.

So, while Adams might have some excuse to behave (to quote XFM DJ Ian Camfield) like "the biggest prima donna I have ever met", when I interviewed him, he proved excellent company.

"It's just what I do in the afternoons: sit down and play guitar. A lot of songs are like sketches, because it's really more about the emotion that the original idea stirred in me than it is about the finished product."I don't ever want to kill a song by beating it to the ground, or writing it for so long you steal the life out of it.

The humanity in music is embedded in mistakes."His songs - and conversation - make frequent references to drugs, and his stage performances can sometimes be bumbling and drunken, yet he convincingly shrugs off notions that he is in danger of falling prey to familiar rock-star excesses."I don't think I'm the first person to take drugs to experience things on a different level.

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