Onliine male dating

(Note: There is no option to review girls, but Schwartz says they are working on options.) For a service that touts itself as the “First-Ever App For Girls,” it is sad to have it feel so one-dimensional.

When we spoke to cofounder Schwartz, she was very clear that this is not supposed to be the only purpose of Lulu, and that growth, expansion, and nuance is imminent.

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Nowhere are choices like, “#Killer Guitarist” (or, conversely, “#Overly Attached To His Guitar”), “#Book Worm,” or “#Coolest Job.” Similarly, it assumes we all want the same thing: a committed relationship with a super-devoted traditional guy.“That’s what we set out to build.” Of course, app-friendly Millennials have scooped the service up quickly, with the initial user group belonging to colleges.But, Alison explains that isn’t always going to be the case.Think “#Epic Smile”, “#Bedroom Eyes”, “#Questionable Search History”, and perhaps the most uncomfortable, “#Procreated And Then Evaporated” — which I sadly saw a family member had received.(Yes, really.) You enter your honest (and remember, totally unidentifiable) review, and then the guy is given a score for any other Lulu user to view.

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