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Gretchen is the PR manager of a rap collective that is clearly just Odd Future with a different name. Wait, you might say, "I don't want to watch people fall in love. I just want to drink wine at home because this is the Tinder generation, and everyone is garbage."That's where this show shines: They are garbage people. Maybe this is too much about me, but I often hate rom-coms. They meet as Jimmy ruins a wedding they are both at.

The show follows Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere), two young LA types, as they fall in love. In season one, we are introduced to two people who are absolute monsters.

Alexis finds out that Christopher has been with someone who is not famous, and she breaks up with him after claiming she is now dating Zac Efron.

Christopher realizes that he is free to pursue Jessica.

Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight) is a famous pop star and teen idol, whose music is very successful all around the world.

Sara Olson (Maggie Castle) of Kalamazoo, Michigan is an obsessive fan of Christopher Wilde who seeks to use her family's trip to Hollywood, California to visit her widowed grandmother as an opportunity to meet him (Starstruck) for spring break.

Eventually, Christopher confides that he enjoyed hanging out with Jessica because she was not actually asking for anything from him. When they return to the beach they almost kiss, but are interrupted when Christopher panics about being recognized.

At the dance, Christopher makes an appearance and apologizes to Jessica through a song (What You Mean To Me). When the paparazzi appear at the dance, he tells them that he was the one that lied and says he is crazy about Jessica.

She smiles and accepts his apology, and he becomes her boyfriend.

And let's be honest, if you are in your 20s, you are probably obsessed with at least one 30-minute long comedy-dramedy. It's called "You're the Worst," and somehow it just quietly started its third season. They are surrounded by a smartly written and hilarious supporting cast.

Some people would even say we are in the golden age of television. We are brought into their web of intimacy issues, bad decisions, narcissism and self-destructive behavior.

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