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Our goal is to explore psychologists’ perspectives on naturalistic observation in therapy, as well as the use of a validated audio recording app (the EAR).Participation includes a 10-15 minute online survey, with the option of a 30 minute interview, if you wish.Given the Australian governments' endorsement of 'e-Mental Health' or 'digital interventions', the current research project seeks to gain an understanding of mental health professionals' perceptions towards technology use in therapy.Digital interventions are defined as any program that provides information and support (emotional, decisional and/or behavioural), for mental health problems via digital platforms such as computer programs, apps, email, websites etc.Psychologists, GPs, mental health nurses, and other healthcare professionals are invited to complete the following survey: Mental healthcare consumers and members of the general public are invited to complete the following survey: Supervisor Details Professor Britt Klein, Personal Chair in Psychology and e Health Phone: 03 5327 6717 Email: [email protected] [posted 19 December 2017; closes 1 March 2018] This study concerns the differences in diagnosis and treatment recommendations made by members of different professions with different levels of experience following the consideration of a short clinical vignette outlining a number of symptoms.We are recruiting participants from a variety of health professions.Whilst it may be obvious that organisations need ways to address insider threats, it is difficult to achieve.The current project is being conducted to understand how, and to what extent, organisational vulnerabilities to intentional insider threat can be measured by survey method.

All contributions are anonymous, will take approximately 15-20 minutes and can only be completed on a desktop computer; i.e. You will be asked to complete some validated surveys relating to stigma and mental health, some demographic information and complete an online task.The study is supervised by Dr Jonathan Mason, and he can be contacted at [email protected] Alternatively, please contact Daniel Jamieson Email: [email protected]: 0466587910 Kylie Hinde Email: [email protected]: 0407642588 To participate, please click the ‘Start the Survey’ button [posted 18 December 2017; closes 30 April 2018] There is a need not only for greater access to treatments for mental illness, but also for improved efficacy in those currently being delivered.For these reasons, the use of technologically based and adjunctive approaches to treatment of mental illnesses has been argued to be of particular importance.This information can then be used to develop or implement relevant countermeasures to help reduce vulnerability to insider threat.We invite you to participate in this survey and contribute to the growing research on insider threat.

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