Pre selection dating definition

I am reviewing a document where it is stated that something is part of a set of pre-selected items. Isn't everything selected also pre-selected by definition?I mean being selected, means it happened in the passed, so what does "pre" adds to its meaning?Placement offers will be sent out from mid-January.Please note furthermore that the number of pre-selected candidates is three times higher than the number of available trainee positions.Therefore, being preselected is no guarantee that you will be offered a trainee placement.There is no need to contact the Commission services at this stage. On wednesday I received an email that I did not make it to the bluebook because I was 3.5 points below the treshold for the pre-selection..Madam/Sir, Your application has successfully passed the first stage of the selection procedure (Pre-selection).

Those services that are not listed have no specific contact address for trainees. Could other candidates please share experiences on DGs they wish to apply and updates such as interviews and stuff like that? I'll be applying/lobbying for rural development (Portugal & Spain unit); health & well-being; sport & erasmus; tourism policy; tourism and cultural instruments; regional policy (Portugal unit); aviation. Is it because I was a certain ammount of points below the treshold or something? for those who don't make it into the blue book they inform them by how many points they were left out, in your case 3.5 below the threshold...

The real shocker is this: women on Ok Cupid have rated 80% of the men as unattractive, including four demonstrably average-looking men (Ok Cupid staff).

It’s quite possible that this reflects only on the women who chose to give ratings– e.g. However, although it is far from a scientific analysis, this publication contradicts much of what society prefers to believe about women: that they are kind, less shallow than men, and relatively accepting of the average man’s appearance. A general rule in survey design is that ratings of anything will be inflated compared to the respondent’s actual opinion. A ubiquitious constant in such surveys is the “real average” of 4.3– a product rated below this by the public, on a 1-5 scale, is generally below-average. People seem to be much more candid when rating the physical attractiveness of strangers, so this rating inflation may not apply, but I’d still contend that a luke-warm rating– say, 3 stars– is not a good sign.

Of seven categories, a quarter of men fall into the “least attractive” category, while almost none fall into the “most attractive” category.

The median male is generally given terrible ratings, with only a few men in the thin rightward tail rated well.

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