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If we are atheists, and we have no doubts or fears about our beliefs, this may be fine.

Cyber Sex Chat Addicts Anonymous exists as an online resource for people who have become addicted and realize the harm this addiction has caused in their lives.The privacy of those who come seeking help is of the utmost importance.DO NOTgive out your real name or your real e-mail address in any of the discussion boards or forums that exist here.This unfulfilled need causes other problems for couples, in time leading to the inability to communicate fairly on even the most superficial of subjects. Through this neglect we hurt our spouses, and we hurt our children. This person is living an unfulfilled life, suffering from loneliness because we are their soul mate.They are the person that we are supposed to share our life with, which we are supposed to share our joys with and bare the burden of our heartaches together with. This person will continue to suffer, as will we as long as we continue to feed our addiction.

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