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As she indicates at the outset, Nora is neither here nor there.

‘We’d had a boy from Oman and there was a girl now in the fourth grade from Liberia.’ There’s also a José and a child named Shi-shi, provenance unknown.Her mother was a disappointed housewife who channelled her energy into ill-fated creative projects and drilled it into her daughter never to give up her dreams for a marriage or a child.One day the family goes to Hunan Gourmet anyway and her mother’s fortune cruelly reads: ‘It is what you haven’t done that will torment you.’So Nora takes on the mantle of second-wave feminism like a duty, and tries to keep this in mind, but even though she avoided settling down fast and making babies in Westchester, she failed to follow her calling.Nora is the child of WASPs who settled in Manchester-by-the-Sea, on the North Shore of Massachusetts, an hour up the coast from Boston.Her family’s so provincial that her brother doesn’t even like Chinese food.

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