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All marine life is directly or indirectly tied to the photic zone, on which both recycling and decomposition, also in other spheres of the ocean, depend.

Those few microorganisms deriving their energy from sources other than light have relatively little significance in the overall productive balance of the oceans.

Production in any specific area varies with the seasons and is subject to large and sporadic fluctuations.

The primary production area of the oceans is the photosynthesis, the use of energy derived from sunlight in the manufacture of food, to take place.

Atlantic cod is an important food fish in both Europe and North America.

exclusive economic zone (EEZ) within which a coastal country has control over fisheries and their exploitation.Simultaneously, fertility is constantly restored as the nutrient-rich deeper waters are brought to the surface.The ocean is ploughed by the action of winds drifting surface waters away from coastal areas, by nutrient-rich waters welling up from the depths, and during the winter season of the temperate regions by cooled surface waters becoming heavier and sinking downward, forcing nutrient-rich waters to rise.Typical consumers of marine plankton include such species as herring, menhaden, sardines, and pilchards.Because of this plentiful food source, these fish exist in tremendous numbers, forming the basis of important fisheries.

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