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In one model village, a neat concrete communist idea of what rural life should be like, with its own clinic and school, there is a poster advertising benefits of £8 per month and easier access to good schools for parents who stick to one child, as well as large compensation payments by Chinese standards (around £5,000) if an only child dies.But a painted slogan also discourages the abortion of unborn girls that everyone knows is going on despite laws which - in theory - ban the use of scans to check the sex of the child, and punish selective abortions.At least 30million men will have difficulty getting married.This will cause "elements of instability" and hinder economic growth.We had come to this region because of rumours that it has the most startling ratio of boys to girls in the country.One academic source has suggested there could be a ratio of 168 males for every 100 girls in Danzhou. In one class of ten-year-olds, only 20 out of 80 were girls. It is possible that some girls were being kept away from school because their parents did not think it worth sending them, but even so, the inequality was enormous and perplexing.

A 20-yard-long propaganda poster in one tiny hamlet dwells sternly and very frankly on the problem, declaring: 'Our current family planning policy is this, "Pay attention to the issue of gender imbalance."' It quotes a recent national census showing a growing imbalance and predicts: 'In 2040 there will be 300million men and 250 million women under 40.What made it more disturbing was the way teachers accepted there was a mismatch, but refused to talk about how this could have come about.One school principal simply would not discuss the matter.Yesterday, she said: ‘I’m not lazy and I’m no bimbo. Miss Fernee studied science and medical research to doctorate level and began working in a laboratory in 2008.The truth is my good looks have caused massive problems for me when it comes to employment, so I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment. But she said she was forced to quit three years later because of the treatment she received.

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