Umbraco user control not updating

Additionally, should you require troubleshooting by Microsoft themselves for any reason (in particular, if you’re using Sharepoint Online), they’ll expect you to be using IE throughout the troubleshooting process. Sharepoint is available in three separate versions: Sharepoint Foundation, Sharepoint Standard, and Sharepoint Enterprise.

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Okay, okay, so they’re not ALWAYS totally in the wrong.A variety of programming languages may be used with the . In the context of Sharepoint, developers who refer to “AJAX” are likely referring to ASP. The process of preparing an application for deployment.Unlike simply compiling, building will also copy necessary files, run unit tests (for Sharepoint? ), and other intermediary steps prior to deployment.Terminology that was once wholly familiar to you in an average web development environment may have a completely different meaning amongst the Microsoft stack.Even worse, there’s a smattering of new vocabulary that you’ve likely never heard before, especially if you’re coming from a background in another tech stack.

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