What is liquidating stock

Before selling, you should consider the financial consequences of liquidating.

For starters, you might face taxation if you sell your stocks at a gain.

Our liquidation and surplus stock lines are diverse and include clothes, hardware, stationery, beauty products, household and much more.

(subject to availability) We supply liquidation stock to traders and new business starters.

We supply liquidated retail stock to the trade from our Leicester based warehouse and welcome new business startups such as market traders, retailers and ebayers.

However, the capital gains tax rate only applies if you have held the shares for more than one year.

If you sell stocks within one year or less after buying, the tax rate is your ordinary income tax rate, which can often be much higher.

You may also enter a specific price at which to sell. Financial service firms, whether full-service or online, must confirm all stock trades.

Verify the number of shares and the prices at which they were sold by reviewing the sales confirmations provided to you by your broker.

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