Anastasia dating bangor maine

I did my self have to provide their vacation photos and photos of her ring and priovide all evidense to have her removed, ect.

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But they NEVER do any background checks on people on social networks to check if girls are in relationships or their letters actual fit their life style.

This is frustrating and the only one that benefits is the site and not the girls nor the men.

Well, i used the site for a couple of months (and spend some money on it) but in the versión called which shares the same database of the girls registered in, i mean they are the same, just the name changes, you can join in both sites if you don’t believe me, anyway, at the beggining i was excited and i made contact with some girls and they appeared to be real, but my complain is the following, almost all the photos they publish are extremely modified, i bet Photoshop it’s their favorite software, so after some time you usually realize the girl you are having correspondence it’s completely different than you expected, and this applies to the most of the girls of this site, when you look at their profiles you see them like a dolls, unreal and made of plastic (most of them).

I said to her that I shut down my account on the dating site (not possible anyways) as I’m serious about her and I thought we could continue chatting on VK and finding her already shows how serious I am that I had to go through a lot. I went ahead and removed my profile pictures, updated my name to Castro from Havana, Cuba.

I apologize if my english is not entirely correct but it is not my native language. She said she prefers chatting half n’half on here and on the dating site. Since I used Pay Pal, it was easy to go on Pay Pal and revoke the recurring charges that I didn’t authorize for .99 monthly fee.

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