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[LOGIN] Uh Huh Her’s barely three-month-old EP has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike (expect a full-length LP around March), and the duo is selling out concerts in New York in less than a day. I never anticipated Uh Huh Her going as well as it’s going right away. We’ve always been under the gun, but it’s made us step up so much faster.

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We were so naïve, we really believed in what we were doing, and we didn’t think about getting signed. [laughs] What impact do you think has had on lesbian culture and culture in general? When I signed on to do the show, I thought it was going to be a really small, cult lesbian show.'The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight.'The incident comes a little over three weeks after another celebrity, Green Day rocker Billie Joe Armstrong, was complained he was booted from a Southwest flight in Oakland, California, because he was wearing his baggy pants too low.Radar previously reported, an unnamed pilot was heard over the radio — unaware it was on — complaining that his co-workers were 'a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes' he doesn't care to socialize with in between stops.The band's Twitter feed also characterized the kiss as fleeting.'I didn't realize a small peck on the lips is regarded as excessive and never once did your stewardess mention other passengers,' said the tweet from Uh Huh Her Music.'No matter how quietly homophobia is whispered, it doesn't make it any less loud,' the statement said. We ask this airline to teach their employees to not discriminate against any couple, ever, regardless of their own beliefs.'Hailey, 40, tweeted that a flight attendant had told her that Southwest 'was a "family" airline and kissing was not ok', and that she and her companion were then 'escorted off the plane for getting upset about the issue'.'Our crew, responsible for the comfort of all customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behaviour and not gender,' the airline said.

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