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I was not strongly In favor of cnunplng myself Into a life so confining, but as my father and mother were rather far along in years, and as their support fell naturally upon my sbouiders, I embraced the opportunity with eagerness, and set abont learning all I could about banking.

Looking back, as I do now, at the way in which we two grew up together, fostering the same ideals, engaging in the same pastimes and sports, each endeavoring to outstrip the other in whatever pursuit we held in common.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. New York 1971 UNIVERSITY OF CAUSOKiii A ■j Google l Uprinted w Uk At ptrmition of Ihi Liemtor KRAUS REPRINT CO. y Google The Montanan A Lilerarif Magazint lutractor Wllda Uulcr I Hmiiltan •» Belle U. Mabel and Stella elbow- ing their way thru the throng, pressed forward to the front of the "ladies compartment" and threw themselres down on a bench. All about de big Jersey City tennyment tlrel" squawked a ragged newsboy, with the faoe of a man of for^ and a Toloe which might have belonged to the Witch of Etndor, "Papier? nothin' awaitln' you across tbe ferry but "the Havlland," with Its cabbages and garlic and squally brats. Be was a man of forty-Hve, perhaps, dressed In a somewhat threa O- bare suit of blue serge. Instead of responding the man's head fell forward and he slid from the ■eat to the floor in a huddled awkward heap. Two or three of the deck hands ran over and picked the man up, lay- tog him on the seat "Is — is he dead? Stella stood behind her, reading over her shoulder. Perhaps I have fallen heir to more than mj share tired. One Saturday, after I waa old enough to go to school, I did go on for hours, when pennies, not grains of oom, were at stake.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I ■j Google I LIBRARY 0PCAUTO«MIA ji Googlc ■j Google ■j Google The Frontier A Literary Magazine isaf cr west, Horfk or «oiit J^ hit uv«r • Man /kvats VOLUME I 1920-1821 MISSOULA, MONTANA Publi Bhed St the St«t« Univenity of Montana by H. A gong sounded, the big boat trembled, the pilings of her stall-like peer b^aa to slide past the windows, and the ferry plowed thru the Hudson toward the Jersey side. If we had anything to look forward to, kid, something at the other side of this ol' slough — but we haven't. I'm goin' to do a Kellerman off the bow of this ol' floatin' hearse an' Join the rest of the tub. His hands, clasping a folded newspaper, wer* long and white — not the hands of a laborer. It wan late when I reached home, and I stopped at the woodpile and gathered an arm-load to allay suspicion and to lighten whatever punlahment might be In store for me.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Aj ttoriei and mmt* ud Tcr M api k flil Bt ud boeoae bows to vidar did M o( rmdn* tban «t preeent, Btlmnlna w Dl « In ftat tatereat, ealwftas and eoriidil^ It. Wludai bteiarj prodoeta of mtranltr loal Mta iril TW wili Bilaili M o( an ardde doea not. If be aboold wlab bla Batarlal to a Of aac Ma Hy tka castribahira to Ala laaaa ara lanalj the board of aditora. It might gire him a thrill." "Ain't them llt Ue devils the weeds? "You'd think from the way he K*uiwks that a tenement fire was a choice article from the norelty department For my part, I wouldn't care If all the tene- ments east of Snmira burnt down — our ol' shack Included." 'Tou've said It," her companion assented. " And below the following: "Among the dead Is the entire fomily of Thomas Snyder, a wife and three children. Here stands the Hope, The only Hope men know, Po U-breasted Liberty. That prin- ciple waa a compound ol Bteadlnees, honesty.

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Then, as If to swing the balance In his favor again, be was made president of the senior class.

Upon graduation we accepted Blmilar positions in the two banks that shared the town's patronage.

Ha even starts klekin' if I Biggest ta Un' in a movie. The expreaslon on hla fua resembled that of a death mask. " "It" referred to the man who had been the cause of their merri- ment a few minutes before. After that he took me around to the homes of the boys from whom I had won the money and made me return, as nearly as I was l Ale to reckon It, the amount I had taken from each.

It's the bunk, I say." 'Tes, It sure Is the weeds," agreed Stella. At his side w«8 a hat box, stamped with the name of a Serenth ATenoe mll Unei T establishment. It's bad enough to think about it with- out the movie stuff. For many years I kept the promise I had made to my father.

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