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Posted in Texas on February 12, 2018 This can quickly recognize you from the hordes of horny dogs in the room.

I call this the procedure for turning or quenching your insatiable-self.

, but, being an 11-year-old boy, who loved Kiss, I never doubted its awesomeness.

Despite kids in school telling me Kiss sucked and, peculiarly, even the cover of this album telling me they stink (whose idea was that?

As you can see, this excerpt came out around the same time as the novel.

And as far as I can tell, this excerpt is exactly the same as the novel except for one line that was in the excerpt but not in the novel (the part in italics): The only other noticeable difference is that the first section of this excerpt is not really separated from the rest of it.

But things didn’t change because her mother got sick, they changed because Lola got sick of doing everything her mother said. After doing everything in her power to get thrown out (cutting off her hair, staying out all night, saying horrible things to her mother), she finally decided to run away. She moved in with her loser boyfriend and spent several excruciating months there being Happy, no matter how miserable she was.

And it’s about how powerful women can impact a family.

So, don’t bother tracking down this excerpt, just read the novel.

Kill your cravings that are usual and they will eventually come to you personally by default.

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