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) I knew in my heart of hearts that Kiss was the best. I always liked the high-pitched part of the song (“you always get the boys you like”), although in retrospect it’s really not very good–simplistic in a way that Kiss songs weren’t but then became.

In a stroke of marketing genius, this album teased the audience with the idea of finally seeing who was under these “masks” (which is weird since everyone knew they weren’t wearing masks, but whatever). I always joke about Kiss doing a tour and playing “Shandi.” It’s such a cheesy ballad and yet I think it’s really good (for a cheesy ballad–Paul sings this type of song so well).

Do not just sit by your lonesome and seem anti social or pal -phobic.

When attending any celebrations that are large or small, a perfect location for chatter is where the finger foods and drinks are.

It has the cool opening “man battle stations torpedo,” a really funky (!!

) bass line from Gene (who knew he had that in him) and a cool weird riff at the opening. “Naked City” has a pretty menacing riff to open with, but Gene turns in one of his more melodic turns (with some pretty high notes in the chorus)!

It’s then got a very catchy chorus (although honestly, “c’mon get your feet wet”? The solo, while not blistering, is pretty great (as with lyric is the song that really puts this album over the edge–the twinkly keyboards, the “you ought to see her” falsetto, and, basically the same chord structure as “Living in Sin” on the verses.

Gene ends the disc with “You’re All That I Want,” a rather uninspired song that reminds me of the songs on side 4 of .

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In the novel, the second person section is set off by itself, so it’s a little less jarring when you jump to first person, but I think any reader could cope with that pretty well.).

Posted in Texas on February 12, 2018 This can quickly recognize you from the hordes of horny dogs in the room.

I call this the procedure for turning or quenching your insatiable-self.

There’s even a poster that came with my vinyl copy! I constantly have the “there’s another mess I’ve got myself in” line in my head all the time.

I liked “What makes the World Go ‘Round” but even I can acknowledge that the song is pretty poor.

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