Note 2 email not updating

See How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 2 with Stock Firmware for instructions on how to install these stock firmwares.

Installing stock firmware will get your Note 2 back to 100% stock!

I am able to pull incoming email but I can't mark them read, delete, or send outgoing mail.

I have cleared the cache, deleted the data, uninstalled the app and all updates. I have even turned off two factor in case an app password was the issue.

There are a lot of questions about matplotlib, pylab, pyplot, ipython, so I'm sorry if you're sick of seeing this asked.

I highlighted the "Sync" icon and the "Master Sync" was now turned ON and the email began to automatically sync again.

Ideally, I'd like to have it simply add each line, instead of doing a full redraw. Additional attempts at solving: just after isn't doing anything.

I apologize if this is a straightforward request, and I'm looking past something so obvious.

within the Samsung Galaxy Note forums, part of the Samsung Android Phones category; Since updating to 4.1.2 my email will only update manually.

It is set to update every 30 min but the Sync tick box is greyed ...

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