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When Kevin tried to remove Lily's shirt, she shied away, so Kevin got upset and told her to leave. saw the alcohol, they were angry, knowing that Kevin had been trying to take advantage of Lily. While he was there, Kevin overheard a voice message from Colleen asking J. Kevin scared her with threats and pushed her down on the bench. After Kevin lied that Colleen came onto him, Lily didn't believe Colleen's claim that Kevin was "Fishin' for Love".

Lily returned later and begged him for forgiveness. One night Lily sneaked out from her house and Kevin gave her some sexy lingerie, which Lily uncomfortably refused to wear.

In his ranting at Kevin, he mentioned that Lily's friends had told them about Kevin.

Shortly afterward, stripper Brittany Hodges was electrocuted during her act by contact with the dancing pole, and suffered severe burns to her face.

Kevin was one of the suspects, his motive being revenge toward Bobby for firing him, and toward Britt for dismissing his advances.

Kevin fell for older woman, Lauren Fenmore, so she accepted an invitation to be his date for the Valentine dance at the Athletic Club, hoping Kevin would admit to some of his misdeeds.

Instead Kevin found out he was being set up and held Lauren captive at this apartment.

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