Most intimidating fans in

Seating nearly 15,000 Indiana basketball fans, the aluminum domed roof permits the reverberation of noise like few other gyms.The proximity of the derelict student sections to the court is another issue. Save for various color schemes, the playing court from college arena to college arena remains a constant. The atmosphere, noise levels, and home-team fans create an environment unique to that specific university. Norman Dale taught us that all hoops are 10 feet from the floor and all free-throw lines are 15 feet from the hoop.

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And Tennessee fans would just assume we gloss over the outcome of the double-overtime loss at Neyland Stadium.

Our future brightest engineers of America are right on top of opposing teams, hurling expletives and harassing the visitor’s team appropriately.

While the team sits a hair below court level, the bleachers feel like they couldn’t possibly be any closer, especially for a team that plays its home games at the spacious Schottenstein Center.

— but the identity of college basketball is lost somewhere in between. 14 Buckeyes roll into West Lafayette to take on the No.

3 Purdue Boilermakers on Wednesday night ( ET tip), there will be a lot on the line.

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