Battlehorn castle quest not updating

To avoid loss of stored items when activating a new mod (deleted/renamed containers etc.), it is always best to save and backup your old game first and/or to move your items to a safe location outside the area covered by the new mod.

IMPORTANT: I have not deleted nor renamed any safe containers, so updating from a previous version should not put your items at risk.

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To play the mod, start Oblivion, click on Data Files in the opening menu, click on Glenvar in the list of available modfiles, confirm with OK and then click on Play in the opening menu again.-------------------------- * Glenvar Castle includes: -------------------------- - Great hall (here you'll find some merchants and trainers) - Dining hall (rather busy when all get hungry) - Master bedroom and bathroom (including personal servant to help you with those difficult-to-reach spots) - Private balcony with view on garden - Private study with library (all books available, and then some) - Kitchen and winecellar (you'll probably find me there) - Servant quarters and Guest quarters (including thermae for swimming and relaxation) - Sanctum with treasury and altar - Armoury and smithy (have your gear repared and stored, 26 display cases) - Secret Vault with user defined variable lighting and 34 pedestals (and place much more mannequins ...) - Treasury chest to hold your goldcoins - Three training halls, two with live targets (earn money while improving your skills) - Arcane Tower (stations for spell- and enchantment making, static alchemy equipment, automatic ingredients sorter) - Barracks and Guard Wing with dormitory - Interior botany and exterior botanical garden to collect ingredients - Exterior stables - All roofs and battlements are accessible (3 archers on guard) - Exterior lighting on night/day regime - Great views, waterfalls ...- Nine levels of tunneling system, including one with lava stream, luxurious underground retreat (convenient for vampire character) - Secret passages and rooms for you to discover - Customized armors and weapons (hence the size of the download ...) Glenvar Castle as well as the underground retreat have more than enough storing space (all containers marked n R are non respawning and safe to use).All enemies are leveled (main bad guys have minimum level of 20, not maxed out).

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