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“In the early 2020s, polarizing politics and fiscal burdens constrained US engagement on the world stage, prompting foreign assessments that the United States was moving toward a prolonged period of retrenchment.

China and Russia, in particular, viewed this time as an opportunity to seek greater influence over neighboring countries within their respective regional economic, political and security orbits.

According to a subsequent investigation, artificial intelligence systems supporting the military decision makers made the crisis worse by misinterpreting signals meant to deter instead as signs of aggressive intent.

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If such a situation arises we will use it and eliminate India.” Perhaps, South Asia or the Indian sub-continent remains among the most dangerous corners of the world.

Every four years since 1997, the National Intelligence Council has published an unclassified strategic assessment of how key trends and uncertainties might shape the world over the next 20 years to help senior US leaders think and plan for the longer term.

The report is timed to be especially relevant for the administration of a newly elected US President, but Global Trends increasingly has served to foster discussions about the future with people around the world, according to the Council.

We all suffer from it - many of us are even being signed off sick from work because of it - and we probably all talk about it far too much. Food & Drink I was laden with guilt over my household waste long before David Attenborough highlighted it on Blue Planet II.

Plastic is so prevalent in Aldi, where we shop, I'm surprised the Brussel sprouts aren't individually wrapped.

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