How to cope with dating a workaholic online dating does he like me signs

If he's used to always working, he just may not realize that he's overdoing it.Now that he's in a relationship, it's time for him to open his eyes to this problem.Being married to a workaholic can be very stressful.There are times that wives have to compete with time that they can spend with their husbands over the work that he does.One of the ways that workaholics can do to help make their time spent at the office not to noticeable is to take overtime work early in the day instead of late at night.Going to the office early may help workaholics to more things and may allow them some time to go home earlier.

Entice him with some of the things you have in store for him if he gets home on time, and it might be all the motivation he needs.

By eliminating distractions you'll have a better chance at keeping his mind on relaxing. Hopefully this will give him something else to look forward to so he'll remember to punch out at quitting time and get home.

While you may not get him to drop work easily all the time, you should discuss with him definite limits. Go over the calendar with him and pick at least one night per week for a date night-- get him to agree that you will be willing to compromise on any other nights except on your night.

This may not work at times, but the effort to do so may help prevent consecutive days of missing out on quality time with the family.

Couples should also try to schedule a set time to be with each other.

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