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Dillard has basically admitted most of the damage to the Child, except the actually killing, which he hinted was the mother.He apparently made a deal to testify, which will be all lies, to plead guilty to a lesser charge and received life.So you know the facts then you must know of the thousands of pages the DHR has to that proves that Chris was not a good mother. Nobody said he wasnt comptent to stand trial they said he didnt pass the test to be tried for the death penalty.If your child was severly abused for three days prior to their murder dont tell me she didnt know.THe only thing that I agree with you on is that the crime scene was not sealed off which should have been for the start.

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Date: Monday, July 07, 2008 AMBoth cases are set for trial this year. Shaun Dillard has pled guilty to aiding and abedding in murder. Ashley went through more torture in her short life than most war stories you hear about.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The charge of murder and sexual assault was dropped I am Ashley's Grandmother. It did not start with Shaun Dillard only ended with him.

They were charged in her death,and it might have reached a grand jury, but there hasn't been anything at all in the news since 2005. Of course with such a slipshold effort, with minds already made up, what difference.

There was no serious questioning of anyone else, though there were unregistered sex offenders living in the area and people traveling through the yard regularly.

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