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A similar periodicity was observed between edge-expansion and infill in terms of growth forms, and between residential and commercial development at the land use level.

Our observations also indicate that recent urban densification is occurring in the Treasure Valley, similar to some other metropolitan regions in the United States.

I would buy the Carlson choke that Carlson recommended as best for large steel shot and use the money saved on shooting long shots on clay targets.

If you feel that you are going to be forced to shoot long shots, you probably should shoot Hevi Shot and use a modified choke.

And if you read the hype on some choke makers websites I can see why they think that. A steel pellet (or lead or whatever) will have the same energy at a given range no matter what choke you use.

A lot of guys think if they buy some super spazzo high-flying waterfowl choke they will be able to "shoot farther".

Spatiotemporal patterns of urban growth can help identify impacts of urbanization, assess conceptual models of that growth, help predict future change, and inform associated urban management policies.

Using multi-temporal spatial data (1938-2014), we categorized the newly urbanized area in Treasure Valley, Idaho into four urban growth forms and six urban land use classes.

It is hard, and it must go somewhere when the choke gets tight, so the shot string just gets longer. If the truth were known, I bet a lot of those "full, long range" waterfowl chokes are nothing but renamed IC or MOD chokes.

I have nothing against quality chokes, but don't make the mistake of thinking tighter is better.

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