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Don’t feel bad if she doesn’t say it back; she probably does care deeply for you, but if her past has taught her anything, it is to not give her heart away so easy.She’ll give up anything instead of her heart and, because of that, it gives her more reasons to add to the beliefs she already has of guys.Here is just one way to determine your relationship style and its impact on future romance: Take the Test Read the following phrases and ask yourself which option you most closely identify with: Decode Your Answers If you answered B, then you most likely have a secure, healthy attachment style.If you identify most closely with option C, you probably struggle with insecurity and find it difficult to trust others, especially in romantic settings.I think from that point, I only shared so much of myself. This website was created to motivate women to live simple, smart, and inspired lives through stories of motherhood, wife life, and so much more. She enjoys reading, staying active and trying new things.I believe deep down, I was scared that it would happen again. Most people have stories of heartbreak, while other people are completely defined by these stories, and until you hear them firsthand, beginning to end, you will never truly understand a person.That is why dating is so hard for some, so when you come across a girl who seems completely undatable, there’s a reason for it, and here are some of the challenges you’ll face. She’s a runner The moment you show remote interest in her, she’s going to try and find a reason it won’t work.

She’ll apologize the next day for not being stronger and allowing you to see that side of her; but if you do, know that very few have. She won’t say I love you first, or even say it back at first The words I love you terrify her more than anything in the world and there is probably a reason for it.

Have you ever been in a room full of people laughing, joking and just having what seems like a great time, but you feel invisible? What about people boldly telling you that you have a wall up, or you’re guarded and they can’t seem to get through to you?

About a month ago, I was at an event for an organization I’m a member of, and I got up to speak. I thought you didn’t like me.” Shortly after that, another woman said, “I always wanted to be your friend, but every time I thought we were making progress – you would back away.

It’s those who most closely identify with option A that are referred to as “avoidant,” or “guarded.” These theories come from researchers Hazan and Shaver, who developed the above test to help determine attachment styles in romantic relationships.

They believe these styles are rooted in a person’s childhood experiences.

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