Media center epg not updating

Full Control Overall, Media Center users have the tools necessary to completely control and manage their electronic program guides if they want to.

While MSO DVR UIs will allow you some control, if you really want a custom experience, this is the best way to get it. If you're really looking to not only have a good looking but functional guide, you can achieve it with a little work and some software help.

As well as going through and completely editing your EPG, Media Center offers certain filters you can use to quickly find the content you're looking for.

From HDTV to sports and kids shows, using these filters temporarily edit your guide to only show that content.

In our home as an example, only HD channels are listed in our guide.

It makes finding shows as you go through the guide (even an edited one) that much easier. )Third-party Options If the options that Media Center gives you aren't enough, there are several third-parties who have come up with which not only make finding channels and content easier but also make your EPG look great.

While many people may be used to using channel numbers, you have to admit that trying to find 786 or 932 can get tiresome.

By using logos, you add a visual component that allows for quick and easy channel identification.

While there's no option to edit the coloring, when you turn on this option under your TV settings, certain types of programming changes color in the guide.

Movies are purple, news is an olive color and family programming becomes a light blue.

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