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You can easily share videos on the site via social networks, however we couldn’t download videos to the phone. Veoh With an emphasis on social media, Veoh has a library of niche video clips that people might be talking about at the water cooler.The videos are much shorter than those found on the other mobile video sites mentioned here.We particularly liked the You Tube channelization of content. Netflix The popular movie and TV show rental site is also available as a mobile player.

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I would have loved to be back in our living room watching television.Are you watching videos on your mobile device while you wait or are you watching the seconds on the clock monotonously tick bye?Why not surf the web on your phone and watch one of the plethora of funny dog videos or epic fail videos online.If you don’t want to see the mobile video site version of Vimeo, you can download the Vimeo app. You Tube When we checked out You Tube on a smartphone, we used the mobile app instead of going directly to the mobile video site.You Tube is full of user generated content as well as music videos, TV shows, and more.

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