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It is quite soft and often alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. Push-button clasp and hinge, diamond and blue sapphire bangle bracelet. close YELLOW GOLD: Gold is a precious metal with a natural yellow color.There may be a reason for her extra happy look — she's still getting hot and heavy with Justin Bartha.Despite rumors that he has a nasty jealous streak I'd love to see this lil' Olsen with her new leading man.SAPPHIRE: A favorite gemstone of ancient priests and royalty, the sapphire radiates sophistication and grace.

En 1987, alors âgées de 1 an, Mary-Kate et Ashley obtiennent le rôle de Michelle Tanner dans la sitcom La Fête à la maison. With a round shape and 58 facets, it is considered the precursor to the modern brilliant-cut. An ancient symbol of love, a diamond is the preferred gemstone for tokens of affection, such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. close OLD EUROPEAN CUT: An old-fashioned gemstone cut dating back to the 1800s.Elles commencent à tourner dans la série à l'âge de 2 ans.Afin de se conformer aux lois sur le travail des enfants, qui fixent des limites strictes sur la durée de travail maximum d'un enfant acteur, les sœurs jouent chacune à leur tour le rôle de Michelle Tanner.

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