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It is rare for the court to require a hearing but when circumstances are unusual it may.

Further practical advice on all these matters is available at the Direct Gov website.

I receive a massive number of comments on this blog concerning the decree absolute.

It seems to be the one stage of the divorce process that causes most confusion, and so I thought it might time to look at it in a little more detail and consider the important steps to take once it has been granted. Obtaining a certificate of decree absolute from the court office.

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However, I would suggest it is always wise to check first with a lawyer before taking that final step.Perhaps emotionally, it seems a step too far, too soon – and the Petitioner, despite having initiated the process, cannot bring himself or herself to take the final step.So the Respondent may also apply, three months after the earliest date that the Petitioner could have done so.Conversely, where perhaps a religious divorce is required, or more commonly a financial settlement is still being negotiated, there may be good reason to delay the granting of a decree absolute.And it is this concern, whether or not to proceed to decree absolute when financial elements have yet to be agreed, that has occasioned the majority of the requests for advice to my blog.

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