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So here’s the bottom line:, then chances are that you have been under the spell of an expert October Man Sequence or a Shogun Method user.

If you are a guy, then congratulations – you have stumbled upon possibly the most powerful seduction technique ever known (barring Shogun Method’s Black Rose Sequence.) Once you have mastered the technique then you’ll achieve the highest mastery in dating and attracting women. he problem with the full blown October Man Sequence is that it can be difficult to pull off if you do not have a solid background in hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. The good news is that there’s a shortcut to this since you don’t really need to know the technique works.

has been making headlines with claims that it’s even more powerful than the October Man Sequence.

What are they doing here at Derek Rake’s blog, right? The guide you’re going to be reading on Fractionation can get quite in certain sections…

By making the client goes in and out quickly and repeatedly into a certain state , she will fall deeper and deeper into trance each time. 🙂 Some members of the seduction community have found that Fractionation also works wonders when it comes to making women fall in love with them.

This means that by deliberately making a woman fall in and out of love with them, you can get a woman First, you’ll make a woman feel happy (or going into the “happy state”) by either telling her a happy story, or by making her recalling a happy experience.

And right now I truly believe that my search is over – because I have discovered Fractionation.

But to be honest it’s taken a long time to get to this stage…

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