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The chatbot has become one of the top tech trends of 2016, with big players such as Facebook and Telegram having already made their move into the area by launching their own bots and bot platforms.In this article we take a look at six bots and bot platforms for i Phone that have the potential to improve your life in a plethora of fun and useful ways.The bot seems to think London is a girl as well, rather than a place.It can sometimes get a bit cheeky, but you have the option to stop it from swearing. The bot is also available to use in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French and Italian. Once you've typed /start you will get matched with strangers from all over the world! Or have you added eachother as friends on Telegram, and want to find new friends?But the art of chatting is taking a very different direction and is entering the 21st century through the rise of the chatbot.It's likely that you've come across the term chatbot, but the nuances of the concept are less well known. A chatbot (also known as a chatterbot or talkbot) is a form of computer program that uses artificial intelligence to conduct conversation through auditory or textual means.

Following the rules and conventions of human conversation, these bots aim to serve a variety of purposes.

They're categorised based on areas such as games, news and education, and you can also flick through a chart of the best and most recently launched.

When you find one that takes your fancy, you click the "Add To Telegram" button, and you're redirected to the main app. There are hundreds of bots, capable of doing anything from playing poker with you to helping you book flights.

(This term and others are explained in our Apple user's tech jargon dictionary.) The UK Tech Weekly Podcast team discussed genocidal chatbots (don't worry, most chatbots are friendly! It starts at the 13-minute mark: Facebook sees huge potential in chatbots.

At its eighth developer conference, which took place in April, the firm launched an updated version of Messenger that integrates chatbots.

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