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Although the templates have NOT been tested for this, they should be down-scalable to any footage with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 (square pixels).Tested in, and fully functional with Final Cut Pro 7.Prior Photoshop experience recommended but minor instructions are included for Photoshop beginners.HD Letterbox Template Pack v2 is compatible with any NLE video editor (of any operating system) that has an editable timeline involving layers, HD capabilities, and supports image formats containing transparency.Initially released almost three years ago, I decided to do a little update with a second version of HD Letterbox Template Pack.I added five more aspect ratios to the original 70 and also added a white version of each template. Please let me know if the link ever becomes dead or doesn't work for any reason.You will be all set to make designs pop out of the box.

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The typography section of US web Standards will give you more depth for these fields.Aspect Ratio Origins: A file including a link to the Wiki page that explains the origins, creators, and uses of most of the aspect ratios included in this pack.Quick Reference: A quick reference list of the most common aspect ratios (and a few "off beat" as well) converted to their purest forms (4:3 to 1.33:1, 7:3 to 2.33:1, etc.), as well as a quick reference list of common aspect ratio crop sizes (1080p 1.85:1 = 1920x1038, 1080p 2.35:1 = 1920x817, etc).There is nothing to be worried about compatibility issues on modern web browsers.The cross-browser compatibility of these font types makes them very popular among web designers.

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