In 1994 Logitech introduced the Cyber Man, the first practical six degrees of freedom controller, but due to its high price, poor build quality, and limited software support it sold poorly.

Industry insiders blame the Cyber Man's high profile and costly failure for the gaming industry's lack of interest in developing 3D control over the next several years.

These switches were awkward and uncomfortable to use, so Alan Kotok and Bob Saunders built and wired in a detached control device for the game. The third generation of video games saw many major changes, and the eminence of gamepads in the video game market.

Nintendo developed a gamepad device for directional inputs, a D-pad with a "cross" design for their Donkey Kong handheld game.

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The inclusion of six action buttons was influenced by the popularity of the Street Fighter arcade series, which utilized six buttons.

The controller is also multifunctional and includes an expansion bay which can be used with different types of peripherals.

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merely on/off, while triggers are usually analog); centrally placed start, select, and mode buttons, and an internal motor to provide force feedback.

There are programmable joysticks that can emulate keyboard input.

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