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if you are into size then a dog has just the right penis.He doesn’t care about the vanity of the human mind, your status in the community, or even if your arm pits and coochie stink. it is wet and messy and you will gush a geyser of dog sperm when he pulls out....better have a towel ready:-) in the aftermath your human male will just think he has made you hot and wet due to his great sexual prowess. And if you achieve a good powerful climax, which is most likely, you will continue to "do it" for the rest of your life.If we get a lot of participation and it is productive, I may draw for more pictures.

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Hey there Sally, thanks for taking the time to write a little more about your K9 experiences.

As hot as it is to hear you talk about having sex with dogs, I have to say there is something amazing about hearing you say that you give the dogs blow jobs.

Please participate and help us come up with some great ideas that could be translated to early attempts at laws.

This is a place to discuss issues around "going green." As dog owners we have a responsibility to make sure we are helping in the efforts to work toward a sustainable environment.

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