Help for dating violence

Contact producers of the relevant programmes and ask for more balanced reporting of the issue.Report unbalanced reporting on the ABC to their complaints department and CEO, Mark Scott. to be shown on Tuesday November 24th and Wednesday the 25th.They may not be aware that the organization is now attracting such critical examination.The media will also be giving White Ribbon representatives a huge run next week so be alert to when these interviews are playing and participate where possible in talk-backs, or write comments following online articles.

We receive and are dependent upon support from local sources: civic groups, religious groups, businesses, private citizens, and governments.We should also send emails to members of the White Ribbon Board.Many of these are respected members of the business community who will have no desire to be caught up in ideological campaigns.It’s heartening to hear from so many people who are keen to help in some way to try to change the debate around this issue in Australia.I have an idea which might get this moving and hope you might find time in the next few days to get involved. Every year I grind my teeth on White Ribbon Day listening to listening to their spokespeople misrepresent this issue, fudging the statistics and totally denying any responsibility for women in family violence.

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