Are drew barrymore and justin long still dating 2016

The only thing certain about Drew Barrymore and Justin Long – as far as they’re being a couple – is that there’s no question they’re telegenic together. We’re in each other s lives, and we’re friends, and we’re working together, and we have worked together.” De Generes, 51, then wondered if Barrymore is back to seeing Long exclusively, or is someone else also in the picture?

But that’s not enough information for the ever-curious Ellen De Generes. “We’re just friends,” Barrymore emphasizes, “so we are free to do whatever we want.” Pressed to reveal what she would think if she saw Long out with other women, Barrymore says, “I just hope that they are fantastic people, because he’s a great guy and he deserves the most happiness.” In January, when Long was promoting , he appeared on De Generes’s show, and she shot him the same line of questioning about Barrymore – wanting to know if it was awkward to be around the actress again (this time on a press tour) after they had broken up.

They are still on good terms and friends.” Seyfried first got together with Long during the summer of 2013, and she recently admitted to that it was his sense of humor that won her over.

“I followed him on Instagram and I thought something he said was really funny,” she said.

Long dated Drew Barrymore before meeting Seyfried, and Seyfried was previously linked to stars Ryan Phillippe and Dominic Cooper.

It's best to always expect the unexpected with Drew Barrymore, and that has gone for her career and her love life.

Justin Long Barrymore and Long were first linked in August of 2007 and officially called the relationship off in July of 2008.

“They both tried very hard to make it work because they each wanted to eventually have a family but ultimately they weren’t compatible and decided to split up.

A new romantic relationship seems to be on the horizon.

The 29-year old gorgeous Scottish singer/songwriter also well known as a writer and journalist and an admirer of the British actress Emma Watson, Lauren Mayberry has found a love interest recently.

“You were a couple,” the inquisitive TV host says to Barrymore on Friday’s episode of .

“Then you broke up, but you’re together a lot now.” “We’re good friends, and we’re doing a film this summer,” replies Barrymore, who herself notes, “and I think it’s very confusing.” Their upcoming movie, after they already costarred in (set to premiere Saturday night on the premium cable network) was recently screened in Manhattan.

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